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Technical Assistance

Providing specialized support to enhance healthcare systems and practices.

At Jembi, we offer practical Technical Assistance initiatives that go beyond delivering solutions; we enable countries to manage their healthcare more effectively.

In the evolving field of global health, Jembi offers practical Technical Assistance initiatives. Our approach is not just about delivering solutions; it's about enabling countries to manage their healthcare more effectively.

Pioneering Projects

Our work under the CDC Headquarters Technical Assistance Platform (TAP) Programme exemplifies our commitment to sustainable healthcare solutions. In Cameroon, Ethiopia, and Rwanda, we've been the primary implementing partner, focusing on EMR implementations, data management, and capacity building. Another groundbreaking project is our collaboration with the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC), where we've been instrumental in a scoping study for an Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) in South Africa.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Our credibility is further enhanced by partnerships with esteemed organizations like Palladium and Mott MacDonald. In Zimbabwe, we've provided DHIS2 technical assistance for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) management information system (MIS) to address COVID-19-specific challenges, strengthening our reputation as a reliable technical partner.

Long-Term Impact

Our work in Cameroon has transitioned successfully to the Ministry of Health, showcasing the sustainability and long-lasting impact of our projects. Similarly, our engagement with the Rwanda Ministry of Health has led to the creation of roadmaps and technical solutions that will serve the nation for years to come.

Key Impacts

  1. Implemented EMR systems and capacity-building initiatives across multiple countries to enhance healthcare data quality.

  2. Conducted technical evaluations and created roadmaps for healthcare systems, setting the stage for future improvements.

  3. Provided ongoing technical assistance and capacity building, ensuring the sustainability of healthcare initiatives.

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