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Join Our Team

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Take on global challenges.

We take bites out of big problems. They’re not easy, but they matter. We nibble away, inching along. We’re not here for shiny - the next big thing, selfie this, filter that. We’re here for the big problems, the meaningful work. We help doctors, nurses and governments take action. Do more with less.

Our HQ

Our Cape Town Headquarters is located in Tokai, one of Cape Town's Southern Suburbs.

A relaxed and sunny location away from some of the crazy pace of the CBD.

What to expect

We're a fun-loving warm bunch of people that work hard to achieve some pretty incredible things. 

Expect to Be

Nothing we do is easy. There’s always failure and learning. We find the gaps and grow to fill them. With healthy debate and honest kind feedback as standard. Pack your growth mindset.

Our Organisation
Is Evolving

We’ve grown a lot in recent years; fuelled both by success and taking on larger challenges. So, we’re iterating and hacking our own processes. Finding better ways to deliver impact and value. This means there might be the odd rough edge, but we speak up, draw attention and iterate. 

Fast Paced but
Family Orientated

We work hard, but no one is ever expected to burn the midnight oil. That’s as a sign that something needs to change. A measured but consistent pace gets us where we need to go. Remember, the tortoise beat that hare.

We like
Having Fun

We have the usual games tables and drinks on a Friday. But, we're most proud of our jovial and pun-loving culture, even the dad jokes. And the odd prank. We do the Drinks Night, the company-wide awkward socials and the impromptu Suit Up Day dress ups. We put serious effort into solving serious problems. Having a laugh is an important part of that too.

Take Up The Challenge.

Join a team that thinks differently about what matters.
Health is the foundation of our lives.

Our families and our societies.

Without it, little else matters.

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