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CHISU Mid-Project Meeting: Fostering Collaboration and Refining Objectives

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Delegates at the CHISU Meeting

From July 13–21, approximately 90 representatives from the various CHISU implementing countries and regions, operational areas, consortium partners, and USAID gathered in Arlington, Virginia for the program’s Mid-Project Meeting.

With an overall goal of achieving cross-country and cross-cutting learning, the meeting encompassed a full schedule with sessions dedicated to discussing results achieved, challenges, potential solutions, and how the team envisions the CHISU legacy.

Participants shared their experiences and views on the program’s theory of change, articulating early project assumptions that influenced its strategic objectives and discussing how those assumptions have changed.

The meeting was also an opportunity to identify gaps and potential enhancements to how the various program teams work together; build relationships that encourage collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas; and identify and share critical success factors for accomplishing strategic objectives within each country’s individual context.

Participants had a chance to identify opportunities for collaboration with other health information systems, data, and digital health-related initiatives outside of CHISU, and to learn practical skills that will improve project implementation overall.




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