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Jembi supports the Mozambique MOH in the fight Against COVID-19

Within the scope of cooperation and with a commitment to serve the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the National Health System, Jembi Mozambique, considered an essential organisation, pledged to remain active during the COVID-19 state of emergency to support MOH to continue functioning in order to deal with the crisis.

In this context, Jembi / UEM-mOASIS created a Crisis Management Unit with the aim of coordinating the continuity of its activities and ensuring the organisation's ability to provide its services to its cooperation partners in Mozambique during the spread of COVID- 19 at country level.

Support provided to MoH and NIH by Jembi / UEM-mOASIS:

  1. Prepared a quick study of the initiatives underway in other countries to analyse the feasibility and risks of adopting such measures for Mozambique;

  2. Provided two vehicles and their drivers to support the Provincial Social Affairs Service of Maputo (Health Sector) and the Maputo Provincial Health Directorate (DPS) in activities of the provincial directorates, including transportation of health technicians on missions related to fighting COVID-19 pandemic

  3. It also provided vehicles for the NIH to support sample collection and conduct surveys on Covid-19

  4. Support to MoH in the printing of 4,000 Education and Communication Information (IEC) posters on preventive actions against COVID-19

  5. Provided its technicians to support MOH activities during the State of Emergency

  6. Evaluated the COVID-19 application developed by MISAU and is currently providing support in its development

  7. Installed the wifi network at the Polana Caniço Health Center designated as a reference hospital for matters related to COVID-19

  8. Provided computer equipment for teleworking.

Official delivery of vehicles by the Jembi Mozambique team

“This project was made possible thanks to a partnership between Mozambique and the American people through the financing of PEPFAR - CDC”



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