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Jembi Unveils MOASIS NGO: A New Era for Digital Health in Mozambique

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Jembi is delighted to announce a significant milestone in line with our Strategic Plan and the international donor community's focus on local empowerment.

We have successfully established MOASIS NGO, a locally registered organization in Mozambique.

This new entity is founded by a team of highly trained senior Mozambican professionals and is fully equipped to provide specialized technical support to the public, private, and academic sectors for local projects.

This achievement is a natural progression from the Eduardo Mondlane University MOASIS project, which has historically been supported

by Jembi Health Systems. The formation of MOASIS NGO is a pivotal step toward our long-term vision of creating a local center of excellence in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), information systems, and digital health.

Moreover, it serves our mission to develop local institutional, managerial, and technical capacity in Mozambique, ensuring the sustainability of ICT and similar projects within the country.

The successful launch of MOASIS NGO is a landmark achievement for local development in Mozambique. It not only retains valuable expertise within the country but also sets the stage for sustainable future projects in technology and digital health.

For partnerships and collaborations with Moasis, please contact:

Phone number: (+258) 86 6979127 Email for enquiries: Point of contact: Kétmia Matavele -



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