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Rwanda's Hackathon: A Step Forward in Health Data Exchange and Monitoring

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Jembi took part in a five-day hackathon held in Rwanda from 9-16th September.

The event brought together key healthcare stakeholders to drive three main initiatives:

  1. The review and validation of the OpenHIM Operational Dashboard

  2. The development and testing of the FHIR-based (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) EMR-VLSM (Electronic Medical Record Viral Load Sample Management) integration

  3. The implementation of various enhancements to the current EMR system being used in the country.

The workshop aimed to optimize health data exchange and monitoring, and included sessions on solution design, technology capacity building, and hands-on training for data transformation.

Despite facing technical challenges, we made achieved three significant things during the hackathon:

  1. The successful deployment of the monitoring solution to a test environment

  2. Capacity building on monitoring technologies

  3. FHIR integration using the mapping mediator.

This initiative highlights the dedication of the Ministry of Health and core technological partners in leveraging technology to improve healthcare delivery standards in Rwanda. The event emphasized the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in the health sector.

Attendees at the Rwanda Hackathon



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