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Capacity Building

Nurturing expertise for sustainable healthcare solutions.

At Jembi, we build more than capacities; we build futures in healthcare.


Jembi's work in Capacity Building is a cornerstone of our mission to create a resilient healthcare ecosystem.

We offer practical training programs, workshops, and collaborative projects that empower healthcare professionals and systems. Our initiatives are designed to foster a sustainable and knowledge-based healthcare environment.

Pioneering Projects

Our Patient Identity Management Technical Workshop in Cape Town and Master Patient Index Planning Workshop in Durban are prime examples of our commitment. These workshops have led to actionable roadmaps for healthcare systems in countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nigeria.

In May 2022, we held a week-long Central Data Repository (CDR) Workshop in Cape Town, South Africa, aimed at increasing local capacity for Ministry of Health (MOH), Addis Ababa City Authority Health Bureau (AACAHB), and ICAP.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Our collaborations with organizations like PATH, University of California San Francisco (UCSF), and various Ministries of Health have been instrumental in enhancing our credibility and amplifying our impact in capacity building.

Key Impacts

  1. Training of over 3,833 healthcare professionals in Mozambique since 2011.

  2. Training of over 100 healthcare professionals in project management and technical skills in Ethiopia.

  3. Our Digital Health Leadership Training for Informatics Professionals and Digital Health Leadership Training for Non-Informatics Professionals have had a significant impact, including the accreditation of the HIS PM Toolkit Training for CPD points in Ethiopia.

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