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Transforming Digital Health: Jembi's Role in the AeHIN Conference and Beyond

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

At the recent Asian eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) meeting in Jakarta, Jembi showcased our innovative technology, making a significant impact in the field of digital health.

Our team, including Chris Seebregts and Wayne Naidoo, had the privilege of attending this prestigious event, which brought together leaders from across the region, major funders, and partners.

We attended with the intention of introducing the new extended OpenHIM Platform to the world as part of our new direction. So it was a massive highlight for us when our OpenHIM FHIR mapping mediator was mentioned during the opening session.

A map of the global OpenHIM implementations by Jembi and partners
A map of the global OpenHIM implementations by Jembi and partners

OpenHIM in Southeast Asia

The Indonesian government's leadership emphasised OpenHIM's potential role as a key component in Indonesia's Digital Health Transformation strategy. And is currently being tested as an interoperability layer connecting various regions to 'SatuSehat', the national Health Information Exchange (HIE) of Indonesia.

Our work with OpenHIM extends beyond Indonesian borders. According to our partner Chaminda Weerabaddana, our recent trip to Sri Lanka by Ajeenckya and Wayne demonstrated our commitment to rapid value delivery in healthcare technology.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the #Jembi Health Systems team (Wayne, Ajeenckya, Adrian, Richard, Xanthi, and the team), whose dedicated support and expertise played a pivotal role in setting up the essential infrastructure and assisting the Ministry of Health team in the development of FHIR Implementation Guides.

We're proud of our teams for consistently cementing Jembi's excellence. And this exposure and appreciation at AeHIN is not just a testament to our hard work but also a stepping stone towards greater impact.

Building on Past Successes

Our continued collaboration with Fondation Pierre Fabre (FPF) was reinforced during a recent informal discussion with their CEO at the AeHIN annual meeting in Jakarta. FPF, a long-time supporter, previously funded our Blood Safety Information System (BSIS). This established partnership sets the foundation for our new proposal in 2024.

Jembi and the Global South E-health Observatory (ODESS)

This year, Jembi plans to respond to another call for proposals from the Global South E-Health Observatory (ODESS). This proposal will reflect our growing influence in the global health technology landscape. ODESS, an initiative dedicated to improving healthcare access through ICT in African and Asian countries, resonates deeply with our mission at Jembi.



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