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Funding Opportunity to Elevate Healthcare Access: Join ODESS 2024's Call for Proposals

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Generated artist’s impression of a proposal meeting.
A generated artist’s impression of a proposal meeting.

To further support this mission, we are actively participating in ODESS's 2024 Call for Projects.

This opportunity is open to projects at least at the pilot stage and offers significant support, including financial and technical aid. This initiative invites applications from project leaders in African and Asian countries who are using information and communication technologies to enhance access to quality healthcare and medicines.

The selected projects will be awarded the Observatory Prize, receiving a year of comprehensive support. As a part of our commitment to advancing digital health, we are sharing this call through our platforms, encouraging innovators in the field to apply.

This is a remarkable opportunity for those at the forefront of digital health innovation to gain recognition and support for their valuable work.

Summary of ODESS 2024 Funding Opportunity

  1. Application Period: 3rd November to 15th December 2023

  2. Confirmation: December 20, 2023

  3. Eligibility: Projects, at least at the pilot stage, focused on ICT for healthcare in African and Asian countries

  4. Support: Comprehensive financial and technical for a year from the Pierre Fabre Foundation

  5. Announcement: Winners to be recognised at the 8th annual ODESS conference in Lavaur, 2024

How to answer ODESS's call for proposals:

  1. Add or update your project on the ODESS Suggest a Project page. (French Version)

  2. Please see the Candidate Guide for detailed information.

Jembi's ongoing international projects reflect our steady commitment to digital health transformation. By introducing technologies like the OpenHIM Platform and collaborating with partners, including Fondation Pierre Fabre, we continue to make strides in enhancing healthcare technology.

For the past 15 years, Jembi has focused its efforts in Africa but has recently expanded to countries in South-East Asia. These include test implementations in Indonesia as part of the CHISU project and Sri Lanka with the MoH.

Our journey has been characterised by a persistent effort to enhance healthcare access and health information exchange, particularly in the Global South. This path, while challenging, is one we navigate with a deep sense of purpose and dedication.

Looking ahead, as we prepare our proposal for the OpenHIM Platform, we invite fellow innovators in digital health to join us in answering this funding opportunity. Together, our collective efforts can contribute to meaningful advancements in healthcare technology, particularly in regions that stand to benefit the most.


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