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Digital Square DATIM

Jembi received funding from Cardno and Digital Square, to continue supporting the Data for Accountability, Transparency, and Impact Monitoring (DATIM) project. The support also included continued engagement in the Open Health Information Exchange (OpenHIE) international community as well as support and maintenance of the OpenHIM Interoperability Layer (IOL) solution.

An overview of the components of the system

Key activities during the 2021 - 2022 period included the following:

  • As part of its role in OpenHIE Leadership and Advocacy, Jembi participated in the OpenHIE leadership and architecture communities.

  • Working as part of the broader Community and Reference Tool Curation where it leads the Interoperability Layer (IOL) and Shared Health Record (SHR) communities, and maintains the OpenHIM as an Interoperability Layer reference technology.

  • Collaborating with international teams providing support to the DATIM development project that utilises Jembi’s OpenHIM tool.

  • Supporting the OpenHIE Implementers Network alongside the Regenstrief team.

  • Participating and leading in the OpenHIE DevOps and Health Financing towards UHC communities.

  • Began active participation in the Patient Identity Management, Case Surveillance and Indicator Extraction Calls as well as the new Instant OpenHIE communities

  • Participating in the OpenHIE Academy community, with the goal of orienting learners to the essential concepts and competencies needed to understand the role of OpenHIE.

Jembi also continued to maintain and update the OpenHIM product and its documentation as well as responding to requests from other international teams working on the DATIM infrastructure and solution.



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