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Ethiopia's NDR Workshop: Jembi's Role in Shaping HIV-NDR Architecture

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

The Jembi team facilitated a National Data Repository (NDR) workshop from 28 August to 5 September 2023 in Arba Minch, Ethiopia, with stakeholders from FMoH, ICAP, AACAHB, CDC ET, Jembi Health Systems, DUP, and DHA; where the following was discussed and agreed on with participants:

  • High-level architecture for the HIV-NDR feeding into other MOH and GOE priority projects (NDW and FAYDA - National Civil Identifier)

  • Priority use cases and reporting requirements for the HIV-NDR and interfaces with other existing applications, EMR, DHIS2, AACAHB-CDR, etc

  • High-Level Stakeholders, roles, and responsibilities

  • Capacity building requirements and areas to develop in order to take full advantage of the NDR

  • Possible use of the DUP Innovation Centre for prototyping innovation solutions and development environment paired with the production environment in the MOH data center

  • Identified possible next step

From 4-6th September Jembi engaged in FMoH NDR Strategic Planning, which included a visit to the Data Use Partnership and Innovation Centre, discussions with DUP, and out briefs sessions with FMoH.

The Innovation Centre which is the property of FMoH has been approved by FMoH for Jembi to use as a resource for innovation, development, and testing before deploying to the Production environment, as well as for Capacity Building.

Tresor presenting at the workshop
Tresor presenting at the workshop

Delegates attending the NDR Workshop
Delegates attending the NDR Workshop



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