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How Can Digital Identity Improve Healthcare Access and Delivery? ID4Africa LIVECAST Recap

Updated: Apr 2

Podcast episode promotional graphic with expert headshots, including Wayne Naidoo Jembi Technical Director.

Healthcare is continuously evolving

At the heart of the latest leap in evolution lies the convergence of healthcare and digital identity, which promises to redefine patient care and system efficiency.

We were thrilled to have been a part of this live cast hosted by Dr. Joseph J. Atick, from ID4Africa on February 28th. It was a fascinating discussion by experts from around the world sharing their experiences and expertise in dealing with the challenges of digital identity implementation in healthcare.

The event included speakers and representatives from:

  • The Ministries of Health in Senegal, Ethiopia, and Cameroon

  • World Privacy Forum, UNICEF, JSI, Vital Strategies, and Simprints

For more detailed information on the speakers and past episodes.

ID4Africa LIVECAST EP47: Digital Identity in Healthcare

Video Chapters

  • 0:00 - Introduction: Dr. Joseph Atick, Executive Chairman, ID4Africa

  • 14:06 - S1: Digitalizing Health: Challenges & opportunities

  • 52:47 - S2: Health ID: Sectoral or universal? [POLICY PANEL]

  • 1:27:47 - S3: Patient Identification 1: Gemechis Melkamu

  • 1:47:53 - S3: Patient Identification 2: Wayne Naidoo

  • 2:12:25 - S4: Authentication Platforms & Biometrics in Health

  • 2:46:48 - S5: Boosting CR via Health Infrastructure Mobilization

Jembi Spotlight

Wayne Naidoo, our Technical Director, delivered an enlightening presentation on Jembi's contribution to digital health. Sharing both the challenges and successes we've had implementing patient identity management across African and Asia.


  1. Challenges in Patient Identification

  2. The Strength of Identifiers

  3. Driving Population Adoption

  4. Integrated/Hybrid Identity Management System:

  5. Managing Transition

  6. Master Patient Index (MPI) in Action

Download Wayne's Presentation

ID4Africa Presentation 2024 v3
Download PPTX • 16.33MB




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