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Interoperability between CRVS and SIS-MA

The Jembi/UEM-Moasis team successfully completed and piloted at the Mavalane Hospital in Maputo the interoperability solution between the national electronic CRVS system (SiRCEV) of the Ministry of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs and the hospital data management module of the national M&E system of the Ministry of Health.

In this process, the team harmonised the variables between both systems, updated the SiRCEV user manual adding the interoperability component, made some updates and improvements to SiRCEV functionalities, piloted the solution and trained staff in its use. After the pilot’s follow-up visits, there has been a request to expand the solution in 7 more provinces of Mozambique.

For the first time in Mozambique, mortality data introduced in the Hospital Information System are simultaneously available in the Ministry of Justice Civil Registration and Vital Statistic system (SiRCEV).


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