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Jembi Support for the Cameroon National EMR

Jembi continues to provide support to the Cameroon MoH and the National Aids Control Committee in the development and implementation of the National Bahmni EMR in three regions of Cameroon. Jembi provided supportive supervision and mentorship in the health facilities in the East region of Cameroon. The implementation of the EMR was evaluated at each site and corrective measures were discussed and communicated to the implementing partners.

Supportive supervision team from Jembi, NACC and MoH

Jembi carried out online training on the use of EMR for Georgetown University implementing partner data clerks. The training was focused on index testing, contact tracing, defaulter tracking and viral load monitoring as well as prescribing and appointments. These features are key tools to reduce the total number of patients that are lost to follow up in Cameroon. Jembi also carried out onsite EMR refresher training for the Georgetown University implementing partner data clerks, the regional technical group of NACC and Georgetown University SI staff. Jembi created training guides for patient registration, enrolment into the HIV and TB programs as well as how to manage index test cases, contact tracing, defaulter tracking, EAC management, lab test management, dispensation and appointment management to improve the uptake of the EMR in the live sites. Jembi supported the MoH and NACC to carry out live support in 3 Health facilities in the Littoral and Center region. The main goal was to provide guidelines and job aids for the day to day use of the EMR and to discuss and implement best practices with end-users and the head of the hospital coordination teams. Additional support was provided to evaluate the current infrastructure and document suggested enhancements and improvements.


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