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The MoH Mortality Data System

The MoH Mortality Data System is now interoperable with the National eCRVS system in Mozambique for the First Time with support from Jembi.

The Jembi team provided technical support to the Ministry of Justice, Religious and Constitutional Affairs (MJCR) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) in developing and successfully piloting the interoperability solution between SiRCEV and SIS-MA-MGDH, the national electronic CRVS system

and the hospital data management module of the national M&E system of the health sector, at the

Mavalane Hospital in Maputo City.

The interoperability solution is being expanded at national level after the successful pilot. This marks the first instance in Mozambique where mortality data from the hospital data management system is available in the national CRVS system.

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SiRCEV being used at Civil Registry Office with data from MGDH

A multidisciplinary team from Jembi/UEM-mOASIS, supported the pilot of interoperability solution between the national electronic CRVS system (SiRCEV) of the Ministry of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs and the hospital data management module of the national M&E system (SIS-MA) of the Ministry of Health, the last step of this interoperability process which started in 2019 with financial support from PEPFAR-CDC.

Jembi/UE M-Moasis developer Itélio Lucas with Head of Civil Registry Office in Vilanculos, Inhambane

The collaborative work with Jembi/UEM-MOASIS supporting the MJCR consisted of the following

activities: harmonization of the variables between both systems, API development, updates and

improvements to SiRCEV functionalities to accommodate interoperability requirements, updated the SiRCEV user manual, pilot of the solution and training of MJCR staff in its development, administration and use.

The solution is being expanded nationwide by the joint MJCR and MOH team with the technical support of Jembi / UEM-MOASIS. Jembi/UEM-mOASIS will continuously support and train technicians through routine and follow-up visits to ensure the sustainable use of the solution.

For the first time in Mozambique, mortality data introduced in the Hospital Information System are simultaneously available in the Ministry of Justice Civil Registration and Vital Statistic system (SiRCEV)

via electronic and automatic sharing reducing the duplication of efforts and data typing errors as regulated by Decree no 67 / 2017- Interoperability framework of the Government of Mozambique.

“This project was made possible thanks to a partnership between Mozambique and the American people through the financing of PEPFAR – CDC through CoAg Nr. – GH002248-01-00”



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